Alley-Viper 1989

The paint apps on Alley-Viper aren't so much missing as just incorrectly applied. The blue camouflage patches should be much larger and cover far more of his body. The orange on the figure is very overpowering when the blue and orange should be more of a 50/50 ratio. He should also have blue patches on his kneepads, but not on his face plate, and his hip and shoulder straps should both be blue. Aside from this the Cobra logo on the armband and shield should be red and the straps for his wrist dagger should be brown. The figure I used for this project was heavily damaged and was missing his face plate and mounting pegs, so I have taken the opportunity to redesign his face mask to look like it does on the card art.



1.      Blue camouflage reapplied with a darker shade of blue to match the card art in both color and pattern.

2.      Blue camouflage pattern on the shield slightly altered and reapplied in darker blue to be more accurate to the art.

3.      Added missing brown paint applications to the wrist dagger straps and the chest dagger straps.

4.      Red Cobra logo applied to the armband and the shield.

5.      Blue paint app added to the neck, both shoulder straps, and the hip strap.

6.      New helmet visor sculpted onto the head to match the style used on the card art.