Cobra Commander (Battle Armor) 1987


This figure had a whole range of missing and incomplete paint applications. Possibly the most noticeable are the lack of a single eye opening on the helmet and the red Cobra logo that should be black. Aside from that several other minor paint apps are missing, most of which relate to the black ribbed areas around the joints of the figure.



1.      Flesh colored paint was added to the bridge of the figures nose to remove the divider between the eye holes, resulting in a single eye opening.

2.      The neck of the figure was painted black.

3.      Red Cobra logo on the helmet was painted black to match the card art.

4.      Silver paint was added to the fittings on the helmet hose and chest hose.

5.      Missing black paint application on lower portion on ribbed neck protector was added.

6.      Red details added to the award bar on the torso.

7.      Added missing silver paint apps on front and back of both biceps that divide the black ribbed area.

8.      Missing black paint apps on the ribbed area of the forearm near the elbow was added.

9.      Added missing black paint apps to the ribbed knee area of the lower legs.