Frag-Viper 1989


This figure has one obvious missing paint app and several small problems. The obvious being that unpainted dagger and strap on his calf, which should be all blue. Smaller missing apps are his black neck and the vent holes on his faceplate. The helmet also had too many black paint applications in places that where silver on the card art. Since I was already having to paint over some of the black details, I went ahead and painted the rest of the helmet bright silver to give it a better "bare metal look" than was achieved with the molded silver plastic.



1.      Helmet and chin details were given a coat of bright silver for a bare metal appearance.

2.      Targeting device on the left side of the helmet was also painted silver, with the two small targeting lenses painted black.

3.      The neck and vents on the faceplate were painted black to better resemble the card art.

4.      The missing blue paint application was added to the dagger and strap on the lower left leg.