Iron Grenadier 1988


The Iron Grenadier only had one obviously missing paint application at first glance, in the form of the missing red padding on his torso. He was also missing several smaller paint apps on his belt as well, all of them being red. One change I made contrary to the card art was the red pads on the shoulders, they appear to be the same pads as on his knees so it only made since these should be red too. I felt like the black pads on the art might have been an oversight and the red pads make him look more consistent. I also purpled his visor slightly to have that tinted glass look like his card art shows.



1.      Dark purple added to the visor to simulate the effect shown on the card art.

2.      Shoulder pads painted red to remain consistent with the knee pads of the same pattern.

3.      Large missing red paint application on ribbed area of the torso was added.

4.      Added missing red paint apps to the belt pouch and sword hanger.