Night-Viper 1989


A whole slew of missing apps plague this figure, but it has so many painted details that its hard to notice except on the helmet, where the differences are pretty visible. The missing green areas on this figure where the lower faceplate of the helmet, and cloth areas on the knees and upper thighs. The missing black areas are elbow pads, abdominal pads, forearm pouches, eyelets on the chest, and goggles on the visor. The bullets on his bicep should also be gold.



1.      The main portion of the helmet visor was repainted black with only the sides remaining green.

2.      Chin area of the helmet was painted green as shown on the card art.

3.      Missing black paint apps were added to the arms on the pouch and elbow pads.

4.      Added missing black paint applications to the abdominal padding and eyelets of the torso.

5.      Missing green paint apps were added to the knees and upper thighs.

6.      The bullets on the sleeve were painted gold to match the card art.