Secto-Viper 1988


The Secto-Viper is in a different category than others in this project, since he is actually repainted to not look like his box art. Looking at this figure it just screams missing paint apps and really hurts because of it, however looking at the box art this doesn't appear the case.


I have a theory as to why this is the case. Most of the time art is finished before the figure and so last minute changes to the figure don't make it onto the art resulting in the differences often seen between card art and figure. However, the BUGG box art appears to have been produced after the figures and all the final changes are shown on the art (including cost cutting missing paint apps). What makes this most obvious are Astro-Vipers gray helmet, Hydro-Vipers purple vest, and Toxo-Vipers brown face plate, all of which are colored differently on the individual figures cards. Despite this theory, the box art still shows a few missing paint apps, and the rest can be figured out easily enough by examining the details on the figure.


The most drastic change is painting all his cloth parts black to match his sleeves and lower legs, and the cod piece and lower chest hose fittings yellow to match the other armor parts. The missing apps from the box art included a yellow stripe on his hood and a red headset. The small ribbed areas on the leg hoses were painted red to match the ribbed hoses on his chest. In my opinion this is more towards what the sculptors originally intended for this figure before cost cutting decimated his paint apps.



1.      All cloth areas of the torso, waist, and thighs have been painted black to match the arms and lower legs.

2.      Cod piece and lower fittings for the chest hoses painted yellow to match the armor.

3.      Small ribbed areas on the leg hoses painted red to match the ribbed hoses on the chest.

4.      Stripe on headgear painted yellow as shown on B.U.G.G. box art.

5.      Earpieces and attached hoses painted red as shown on box art.