Techno-Viper 1987


The differences between this figure and its card art are numerous and highly visible. The most immediately noticeable differences are the missing yellow eyes and the lack of orange on the backpack tanks. A much larger though less noticeable difference is the figure having two shades of purple, where the card art uses only the lighter shade. Final differences are the black bands around his waist and on his forearms that should be purple in the center, rather than filled in with solid black.



1.      All dark purple areas repainted to violet base color as shown on numerous card and box art.

2.      Missing yellow paint applications on the eyes have been added.

3.      Violet painted into the centers of the belt and the black square details on his forearms.

4.      Ribbed kneepads and base area around chest hoses painted black.

5.      Reddish Orange details added to the plasma rifle and backpack air canisters.

6.      Silver details added to the backpack around air canisters.