Toxo-Viper 1988


The odd thing about Toxo-Viper is that the largest difference on this figure isn't actually a missing paint app, but a paint app that shouldn't be there at all. The face plate should be green, and why brown was used is a mystery. Even stranger is that while they added a color that wasn't needed, they didn't add the purple to the rear dome of the helmet. This purple paint app is shown on the motorized action pack cards, with a good side view of Toxo-Viper. A number of small green paint apps are also missing. The backpack on this figure had both gas canisters broken off but luckily I still had them laying around to be reattached with some wire.



1.      Faceplate of the helmet was repainted green to match the card art.

2.      Orange area on the nose of the helmet was extended to cover the vents on the sides.

3.      The vent holes on the helmet faceplate and forehead were painted black to better resemble the card art..

4.      Neck and domed area on the rear of the helmet was painted purple to match the base color of the figure.

5.      Missing green paint apps were applied to the belt and the boots.

6.      Ribbed hoses on the backpack were painted green to match ribbed hoses on the figures torso.

7.      Backpack condenser was painted green to match similar details on the chest plate.

8.      The spotting lens on the front of the weapon was painted red as shown on the card art.