B.A.T. 1991


Next up is figure number 19 for the Re-Color Project, the second generation of B.A.T.. This figure needs a repaint more for the sake of consistency than because he looked bad. His colors are actually pretty close to the original with the black and orange, but the orange was over used on the figure and the addition of neon green made him overly bright compared to the first model. All in all a decent looking figure, but he could have been better.


Like the other Cobra androids, this one uses the Warning! color scheme based on the original B.A.T.. The colors lend themselves quite well to this figure since his sculpt is very similar to the first version and this one can use the same basic color arrangement. In order to save time, I used a B.A.T. from the 2003 mail order 6-pack since it is the same sculpt of figure with colors closer to what I am working towards. 


The lower body was already half finished since the boots and belt have the right shade of yellow from the factory, and the silver along the top of the boots was also already pre-painted. The bands around the thighs I painted yellow to match the boots, and made the overlapping panels in silver to balance out the colors a bit. The belt buckle also needed to be repainted a brighter shade of silver and that finished the lower body.


The upper body needed quite a bit more attention, the silver was much too dark and there were no yellow paint apps to work with. I started by repainting the frame around the chest hologram in a brighter silver, and also the band around the neck. The large pipes on the shoulders were repainted yellow to add a bit of color to the upper torso. His arms needed a coat of bright silver for the hands and the bands around his biceps were painted yellow to add more detail to the upper arm. The head got a silver faceplate in the style of the first B.A.T., and the two bands around his head were painted yellow to match the bands on his biceps and thighs.


Since this 2003 figure I used has a different hologram than the 91 version, I printed a decal of the proper style to finish off the figure. Now the generation two B.A.T. looks more like a B.A.T. less like Snake-Eyes covered in rainbow sherbet, a much better representation for the 91 model.


Figure: BAT 1991
Scheme: Warning!
Notes: A front and rear view, with a group shot next to a first generation B.A.T. and Overkill.