After looking through the archive you may note some figures have been omitted from the Re-Color Project and did not get a repaint. Of course any figures that are already painted proper Cobra colors will not need a repaint, but some others were omitted despite not having a Cobra color scheme. This section covers the 1987-1994 figures that appear to need a proper repaint yet were omitted from the project, and explains why this was the case.




Generally named characters do not get a repaint since they are assumed to be high enough up the Cobra ladder to be able to wear what they like. This means that a lot of the named Cobras will not be in Cobra colors at all, though I did make exceptions when the original color scheme was especially outlandish or ridiculous since Cobra Commander might allow a certain leniency when a high ranking member is choosing a uniform, but not to the point of letting them make Cobra look bad. Exceptions to this are if a named character has more than one released version. If a second version of a character comes out it will be re-colored to match the original version where applicable.





Big Boa


Croc Master


Crystal Ball





Destro: This guy would normally get a repaint since he does not match the colors of his original release, but here an exception is made due to the circumstances of this figure. The original Destro was an independent arms dealer whereas this version is an Iron Grenadier commander, so this one wears Iron Grenadier colors rather than his normal "independent operator" colors.
















Sonic Fighter Major Bludd: Major Bludd would normally merit a repaint to the colors of his original uniform with a brown jumpsuit, black gear, and silver grenades. Hasbro saved me the trouble by coming out with a repaint of this figure in the precise color scheme needed back in 2000.










Cobra Commander



Metal Head: Since Metal-Head is technically an Iron Grenadier he did not get a repaint at this time, but he shall once I finish all the Cobra figures.




The generic troopers are normally omitted from the project only if they already have an appropriate color scheme, and when this is not the case a note will be made next to the figures entry in the lists. Hasbro's repaints of existing figures are only used in the project if they are serving in a different role than their original version. This means that while Sonic Fighter Viper and Lamprey get repainted for the project, the Star Brigade Astro-Viper and Techno-Viper do not since they are essentially just a re-issue of the original figure in crappier colors. In both of these figures cases the original version is used in its place. The same goes for the later 1993-94 repaints that started popping up, both paint schemes represent the same soldier, so only one repaint will be done for these figures in the project. Examples of these repaints include the orange Flak-Viper and Alley-Viper, and the black and Green Firefly.





Techno-Viper: The colors on Techno-Viper seemed like a perfect melding of the purple colors from Tele-Viper and Dr. Mindbender, so I decided to keep this color scheme and use it for all science related troops that are associated with Mindbender.





Iron Grenadiers: Its pretty clear that the established color scheme for this group is black, gold, and red, with a bit of khaki for the vehicle drivers. Why then did they immediately take a giant crap on that by turning around and painting some of their guys in a gaudy pinkish purple color and then moving on to neon orange and whatever else they thought would totally ruin what could have otherwise been nice looking figures? All Iron Grenadier troops that got urinated on by the Hasbro design department will be repainted the proper colors at some point after the Cobra troops are finished and will be added to the re-color gallery. This will include Nullifier and Voltar from the 1988 series.



Iron Grenadiers: The incorrectly colored Iron Grenadiers from 1989 will also get a repaint when the time comes. Annihilator is in really bad need and currently doesn't even resemble a Destro trooper with those awful colors. T.A.R.G.A.T. looks pretty sharp in his colors but blue is a Cobra color, and Cobra and IG already look similar enough without dressing them in each others colors. I guess no one at Hasbro ever heard of the term "friendly fire". Wild Boar will be left as is.


Night-Viper: The colors on this figure were just so perfectly fitting I had to leave them alone. If there were any more Night Ops specific Cobra troops, they would also use this color scheme for the Re-color Project.





Laser Viper: When most Cobra troops were turning neon colors, this one actually had a nice color scheme and looked like a proper Cobra soldier. The color scheme for Laser-Viper is used for all Cobra troops that carry advanced weaponry systems.


Night Creeper: The Night Creeper organization works for Cobra, but is not a part of Cobra. As such they remain unchanged and all future Night Creeper figures will also use this color scheme.


Range Viper: While Range-Vipers colors don't precisely match any of the pre-established Cobra color palettes, it does come very close. Since these guys mostly keep to the field and rely heavily on captured supplies, its no surprise their uniforms are a little off in color here and there. I considered repainting this guy for a time but decided to just leave him alone since he looks fine as is.



Crimson Guard Immortal


Desert Scorpion: At the moment this guy is grouped in with the other disposable troops since he is from a punishment battalion, so the black and yellow B.A.T. colors are right for him. I left the brown there since it was fitting for a desert trooper. At some point this entire figure may get repainted in the Viper color scheme.



Air Devil





Cobra Black Star: I didn't repaint this one since its a Cobra ally and not a member of Cobra. The figure might still get a repaint at some point since he has a pretty cool design and could look great if given the right color scheme.