1987 Vehicle Representations


Virtually every Cobra vehicle from 87 needed a repaint to fit in the pre-established colors. The Wolf was an exception since there had never been a Cobra snow vehicle before, but its colors looked effective and fitting enough that I left it as is. The Pogo I also left alone since I have always seen it as a lunar assault type vehicle for Astro-Vipers and not a goofy hopping thing, and it matches the Cobra Stiletto perfectly with its red body and silver details.


The Sea Ray as a water based vehicle, and with an Eels crewman fit the criteria for the Cobra Navy colors. A burgundy top with gray bottom and yellow missiles brings it right in line with the colors of the Moray and the effect is completed with the Sea Slug sharing colors with Lamprey.


The Maggot I first considered coloring dark blue like the Adder and Detonator but it didn't look quite right. I decided to use the blue just for rocket artillery and tried the standard Cobra combat vehicle colors of black with red and dark gray details, which looked much better and fit in with the other Cobra ground vehicles. These colors also complimented the new colors for the W.O.R.M.S. pilot. Due to the red gun barrel, the Cobra logo and numbers had to be changed to black to be visible. 


Since the F.A.N.G. and the Night Raven both use the black and red colors, it seemed only appropriate for the Mamba shared this color scheme. The best part is what an easy custom this would be, just paint the purple hull black and your finished. The red missiles and windows are a perfect tie in with Night Raven.


I had a hard time picturing the Jetpack operating in a naval capacity, so the Cobra Navy colors had to go, fortunately this one had a simple alternative. Its a light air vehicle just like the C.L.A.W. and the Flight Pod, and would function in a similar role, so it was perfect for the colors of these two vehicles. I wouldn't really say it really looks that much better, but it fits in a lot better with the other vehicles of its class.