1988 Vehicle Representations


In 88 most of the vehicles actually had a fitting color scheme right out of the box, surprisingly enough. Imp and B.U.G.G. were the only two that looked like they might need some attention.


Imp was given the rocket artillery colors to match the Adder and partially re-colored Detonator to get rid of its Cobra Navy colors. Since red Cobra stickers are easy to find, I changed out the standard yellow logo on the front for a red one which looks much better.


For some reason the colors on the B.U.G.G. just seemed fitting for its body style, but were a bit problematic in regards to project at first. This was a water vehicle but wasn't an Eels vehicle, so it didn't really merit the Navy colors. It also is a Cobra Island defense patrol vehicle, and not a naval attack vehicle so again the Navy colors didn't seem fitting. About the only vehicle it matched as is was the Water Moccasin, and since it had been decided that Secto-Viper would take on Copperhead's colors, the B.U.G.G. matching the Moccasin would be just right. This also meant that the colors would get to stay virtually unchanged, with only the red parts repainted black.