1989 Vehicle Representations


There wasn't a very big selection of vehicles for Cobra in 89, and two of these carried over color schemes from 87-88 proving that purple and grayish blue were the new Cobra vehicle colors as far as Hasbro was concerned. This had to be adjusted for the sake of the vehicles themselves.


Cobra's largest vehicle for 1989 was the Condor, and while it could have possibly benefited from a black repaint to match Night Raven, it just looked right and good as it was. I decided that since it performed a ground support role rather than air to air, it would be ok to have the colors of the C.L.A.W. and Flight Pod whom performed the same role, though on a much smaller scale.


The F.A.N.G. II was fixed using the same simple method as the Mamba, painting the purple hull black. I considered making the props gray like the original F.A.N.G. but it looked a bit plain and the red props gave a better balance to the colors.


For the H.I.S.S. II the colors were obvious as well, everyone knows a H.I.S.S. is supposed to be black. I tried making it solid black like the original, but it didn't work as well and the red window stood out too much. By leaving the weapons and missiles red it added some much needed detail, tied it in better with the other Cobra vehicles like Stun and stinger, and also makes for an easier time when repainting it.