Legendary Bounty Hunter


Here we have a sort of cross over figure from the Star Wars saga. This one started out with humble origins and gradually came together as time went on. It all started one day when a helmeted Cesspool ended up being equipped with a tattered old Serpentor cape and a Joe jetpack, and became the Cobra equivalent of Boba Fett much to the misfortune of many Joes. And so it was that this particular Cesspool figure remained from then on with his cape and jetpack, and armed with a confiscated Super Trooper carbine.


Then years later I purchased a large batch of spare Joe parts and inside was an old 80's model Boba Fett head that had broken off at the neck. I immediately knew this head was meant for the finishing touch on that Cesspool figure, so I found a spare head that fit the neck socket on the figure and then I cut the neck off just below the chin. A hole was drilled up into the head and down into the neck and a piece of metal wire was used to pin the two pieces together using a two part epoxy for plastics.


With the new head converted to a Joe neck joint it was ready to paint. Rather than paint the entire figure, I just painted the head to match the body. The old Serpentor cape was falling apart so I made a new one from some black fabric that would fit over his right arm the same as the old one and look less pimpy.


Years later I came across a newer version of the Boba head and decided to make a new Cobra Fett with it. Since a ton of Crimson Guard stuff had been coming out at the time, I decided to do this version in a crimson color scheme. For the readouts on his gadgetry, I used the yellow/green color from the Crimson Guard Commander.



Here is the first Cobra Fett figure, created by painting the Boba Fett head and jetpack to match the Cesspool body.


Here is the next version of him to be created, titled Crimson Fett. The color scheme is standard Crimson Guard with a touch of the Gatorade yellow from Crimson Guard Commander mixed in. The head for this figure is off the 1995 version of Boba Fett I think.