Back in the early 90's when the new versions of Cobra Commander came out, I started using the old 83 models as generic Generals to lead field armies. After a while I decided to create a female version from one of the headless Baroness bodies I had acquired over the years, with the addition of a Cobra Commander head.


The formula for painting was pretty simple, just painting all the cloth areas of the body to match the head and leaving the rest black. For a little extra detail I painted the buckles and buttons silver, and the Cobra logos on the wrists red. To dress the figure up a bit I added a red Cobra to the forehead and a red insignia to the sleeve of the same style used by the Crimson Guard.


There isn't much in the way of background on this one, just a higher ranking and more deadly version of the Cobra Officer. Grade: 0-8 (or equivalent).