Cyborg Assassin


KG-4 is one of my oldest customs, with perhaps the longest legacy of any custom I have created. Back in 88 this guy started out as Shock-Viper and used BF2000 Avalanche's weapon as a form of tesla rifle that arced bolts of electricity to the targets with deadly effect. At that time he had a Super trooper torso with the undershirt and neck painted black, a silver faceplate, and his belt was still the original red. Super Troopers torso was too bulky so I swapped it out for a Tele-Viper torso since I had nothing else that was decent back then, and painted it black with a silver vest. I came up with a back story for him over time and had changed him from being a Shock-Viper to a cyborg in an elite fighting unit called the Phoenix Battalion.


This guy saw a lot of action back in the day and his paint was in terrible shape, so years later I decided to give him a major overhaul. I stuck mainly with his original color scheme of silver and black, while adding some electric blue details since this was the insignia color for the Phoenix Battalion unit. I plan to swap the current torso out for a 1994 Metal Head torso if I end up with an extra at some point.