Sears Exclusive Sentry and Missile System H.I.S.S. Driver


I made this figure since the Sears Exclusive Sentry Tank (Red H.I.S.S.) was without a driver and the original H.I.S.S. Driver didn't stand out enough wearing all red inside a red cockpit. It also looks better when the vehicles are displayed if they all have their unique drivers standing next to them or in them, so the Sentry needed a pilot of its own.


I originally considered making the this figure black, but that would cause the belt, wristbands and boots not to show up, so instead I went with a very dark gray to provide a little contrast to the black areas so they don't just blend in and disappear. Since H.I.S.S. Driver is a high ranking Cobra elite, he needed some red and the facemask and chest plate were the best places for it. The goggles were left silver and a new silver Cobra logo was added to finish the figure. Now the Sears H.I.S.S. has its own driver like the other tanks.