Cobra Seductress


Baroness seems to be a pretty common figure to find in parts lots with a broken off head, I have ended up with several headless bodies over the years and this custom is one result. Original inspiration for this figure came from an issue of Marvel Comics where a Saw-Viper was being rewarded by Cobra Commander with a big party, complete with Cobra prostitutes. I knew one of those headless Baroness bodies would make a perfect base for a Cobra prostitute of my own, and a Cover Girl head from my parts bag completed the figure.


This figure is one of my older customs that has been hanging around since the early 90's. The paint for this figure was simple and very minimal with some flesh color on the upper thighs and midriff and the hair being painted black.


With a uniform so similar to the Baroness I wanted this figure to be an intelligence agent, and not just some barracks slut for the infantry. Rather than setting behind a desk, Siren does field work by slipping into high profile events attended by government officials and high ranking military personnel and blends in with the other political groupies. She then uses her substantial methods of seduction to "suck" whatever secrets she can out of whoever manages to fall under her charms. Hidden micro-cameras in her earrings record the entire event so that more information can later be blackmailed from the officials. Siren is a master of martial arts with an expert knowledge of poisons, but rarely does she have to resort to such unsubtle means when assassination is a requirement. One of her specialties is making death appear to be caused by sexual over-exertion, a scandalous affair that is normally covered up quickly and quietly.