The Wehrmacht

28mm German Army War-gaming Miniatures Gallery

By: Net-Viper X



ACHTUNG! This gallery contains models of German Third Reich soldiers and equipment, and contains symbols that some will find offensive. View at your own risk.


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I began playing a tabletop war game called Warhammer 40,000 at the start of the 90's, and got deep into customizing and designing my own armies and rules. Being a big World War 2 enthusiast, one thing I wanted to do almost from the start was to make an army of German Wehrmacht troops. A lack of appropriate miniatures kept this dream on hold for several years until I came across a website called Black Tree Designs, and their "Historical Armies" range of miniatures. This was a glorious day and I was finally able to begin making a proper German Army for my Warhammer games. It wasn't long before I was needing some vehicles for the army and came across the perfect solution with the 1/48 scale military models made by Tamiya, Bandai, and AFV Club, which are a very close match in scale to the 28mm miniatures, and have a nice range of vehicles available.


Since the miniatures are primarily painted in drab colors I decided the best contrast would be achieved by using a universal black paint wash on all vehicles and miniatures, rather than using washes of various colors, and this helped give the army a nice uniform look. The only break from this was on the flesh parts where I used a brown wash to keep the flesh from looking too pallid and to help it stand out from the drab gray uniforms. Finishing touches are grass green flock on the bases and a matte clear coat to the entire model.


For the Vehicles I decided to go mainly with a dark Panzer Gray base color like early WW2 German vehicles. The larger vehicles and tanks have a splinter camouflage pattern painted on in a lighter shade of gray for some added flare. A full color camo pattern will be thrown on a few items here and there to represent field painted camouflage jobs. All vehicles get a matte clear coat as the final touch over the entire model.





The Supreme Commander

Der Führer Adolf Hitler

No German army would be complete without the Führer to spur them on with fanatical bombast.


German Army Headquarters Unit

Deutsches Heer Hauptquartier Kader

The Command squad is lead by an Army Major, and includes a flag bearer, flame thrower, and Panzerschreck missile launcher.



German Army Riflemen

Deutsches Heer Infanterietrupp 1.

A basic squad of riflemen with an MG-34 light machine gun for supporting fire.


German Army Assault Squad

Deutsches Heer Sturmtrupp 1.

An infantry assault squad with MP-40 sub-machine guns, supported by a flamethrower and an MG-34 light machine gun.


German Army 7.5cm Anti-Tank Cannon

Panzerabwehrkanone 7.5cm PaK 40

A field camouflaged PaK 40 anti-tank gun with four man crew.



German Armored Recon Car

Leichter Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz 222

A fast light armored vehicle for reconnaissance duty, it is armed with an MG-34 machine gun and a 20mm automatic cannon.




German Heavy Armored Recon Car "Puma"

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz 234/2 "Puma"

An 8 wheeled heavy recon vehicle with "Leopard" tank turret, armed with a 50mm tank cannon and a MG-34 machine gun.




German Amphibious Car

Schwimmwagen Type 166

A light four wheel drive car with an amphibious hull and folding propeller for crossing rivers and streams.




German Tracked Motorcycle with Infantry Cart and Goliath Demolition Vehicle

Kettenkraftrad mit Infantrie Karren und Goliath

Light load bearing vehicle used for towing supply carts and support weapons.

Remote control exploding demolition vehicle is used for destroying bridges and enemy fortifications.




German Armored Fighting Vehicle Type 3-L

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.L

The Panzer III is the lightest of Germany's medium tanks. Armed with a 50mm armor piercing cannon and two MG-34 machine guns.




German Armored Fighting Vehicle Type 6 "Tiger"

Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger"

The Tiger is a 63 ton heavy breakthrough tank, armed with an 88mm armor piercing cannon and an MG-34 machine gun.




German Assault Mortar Vehicle "Assault Tiger"

Sturmmörserwagen "Sturmtiger"

A modified Tiger designed for urban assaults, the Sturmtiger is armed with a 380mm siege mortar and an MG-34 machine gun.




German panzer V tank destroyer "Hunting Panther"

Panzerjäger V "Jagdpanther"

The Jagdpanther is a heavy tank destroyer built on the Panther chassis, with an 88mm cannon and MG-34 machine gun.




German Air Force ME-163 "Comet"

Luftwaffe ME-163 "Komet"

The ME-163 is a rocket powered point defense interceptor, armed with twin 30mm cannons.