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By: Net-Viper X



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This section contains custom figures of characters not found in the movie trilogies. These characters will come from a variety of sources such as books and video games, while others are characters of my own design.




SWG Swamp Trooper

SWG Player Character Imperial Bounty Hunter

SWG Player Character Imperial Assault Engineer Commander

SWG Nova Trooper Units

SWG Stormtrooper Specialists

SWG Assault Stormtrooper

Imperial Style Boba Fett

Revised Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper Style Darth Vader

Rogue One Imperial Custom Troopers

Rogue One Imperial Stormtrooper Mini-doll

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Mara Jade

Intelligence Director Armand Isard

Mando Calrissian

BB-66 Astro Droid

WD-4p0 Protocol Droid



Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Swamp Trooper

The Swamp Trooper is another Imperial soldier from Star Wars Galaxies, this one a green Scout Trooper. The trooper in the game appears to have normal white armor painted green, with the white showing were the paint has scratched off around the edges. I decided to weather mine the same way on all the green armor plates. The gray knee pads don't show paint wear in the game, possibly because they are made in that color, or coated with more durable paint than the green parts, so I painted mine the same way.


The rifle is made from a modified G.I. Joe SAW-Viper rifle. I shortened the stock and the barrels, as well as modifying the scope.



Some close up shots of the Swamptrooper.



Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Imperial Bounty Hunter

This figure is actually a re-creation of one of my main characters from the Star Wars Galaxies game, a bounty hunter named Valten Krieger. Valten had two different suits of armor that he wore depending on if I was doing Imperial duties or freelance work, with this being the Imperial version. The suit is a combination of the three main types of Imperial armor that can be manufactured in the game. The Helmet and left bicep are from the Stormtrooper armor, the chest plate, right bicep, both bracers and the boots are from the Shock Trooper armor, and the pants, belt, and gloves are from the Scout Trooper armor.


I created the base for this figure by combining parts from a Sandtrooper, Biker Scout, and Clone Trooper. Some of the parts could be used without alteration, but many had to be modified to some degree. The helmet and left bicep just needed to have the dirty weathering cleaned off, and some touch ups to the gray and black details on the helmet. The scout legs needed a little notch added to the bottom of each kneepad to better fit the clone trooper boots, and the scout hands remained unaltered.


All the other parts required varying levels of sculpting work to get them into the proper form. The chest plate needed its breast ground away and re-sculpted with the additional armor plate added to the left side. The shock trooper has a unique style of pack on his back plate that I had to create from scratch and attach to the figure. The lower torso had the abdomen plate smoothed out, and the back kidney plate removed entirely. The codpiece and butt plate had to be ground down and smoothed out in order to properly fit the scout belt in place. The belt itself had to be shortened to fit the thinner clone trooper abdomen, and some gaps on top of the belt pouches had to be filled in.


The right bicep was slightly enlarged with a tapered area added on the upper front, and the notched ridge was sculpted down the center of the shoulder bell and bicep sleeve. Both bracers needed some extensive modification, starting with shaving off the notched ridge on the underside of the forearms and reattaching them further forward. The elbow reinforcement plate was then sculpted on the underside of both bracers, and the extra armor panel was added to the left bracer. The cuffs for the gloves were then added over the top as the final step. Scout trooper gloves in the game have a puffy, ribbed pattern to them that is different in appearance to those in the movie, so I decided to use the puffy ribbed style to better capture his appearance from the game. The boots required the ankle areas to be slightly re-sculpted, and indented area on the back of the boots were filled in. After this the shin and knee reinforcement panel was added to both boots, and the additional armor plating was sculpted on the feet.


The rifle is a standard E-11 carbine that has been modified into a weapon from the game called the Elite Carbine. The standard E-11 was stripped down and the extra details built back up around it using a combination of various sizes of wooden and metal rods, and a fair amount of sculpting putty. A piece of sturdy metal wire was inserted into the rear end of the rifle, with the stock built around it to ensure its slender design didn't break off easily.





Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Imperial Assault Engineer Commander

Here is another of my player characters from Star Wars Galaxies, a female Twi'lek crafter named Ako'Li. She crafted and supplied Imperial equipment, and specialized in constructing assault forces and city defense for the galactic civil war. Ako'Li wore this body armor suit when operating in the field. The outfit is made up of Stormtrooper forearm and torso armor, with the rest from Biker Scout. I used a rebel soldier helmet since it fit a Twi'lek head better than the Imperial designs, and it was the right color so it matched up well.


The figure is built out of an Ahsoka Tano 6" Black Series figure with the armor added over the top of her clothes. I started by removing her existing armor and smoothing off the top of her head. The Imperial armor was molded directly off of a Black Series Biker Scout and Stormtrooper, then fitted to her body and glued into place. The main part of the helmet and chinstrap was sculpted directly onto her head and the extra panels were cut from a plastic Easter egg.


I was able to use Ahsoka's existing boots and just modify them as needed, while the legs required no modification aside from the addition of the Biker Scout kneepads. The cape was made from some silky black cloth and was fitted with an internal wire armature to help it hold shape.




Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Nova Trooper Units

These troopers are based on the elite Nova Trooper units from Star Wars Galaxies. The base figure for these customs is a bootleg from China that is a copy of the Black Series Stormtrooper molded in solid black. I masked off the colored striping for the three figures and sprayed on the colors, then hand painted the gray details on the face and some gloss black for the eyes.


The Nova Trooper Commander has gold striping and wears a shoulder pauldron with gold panel. I used a slightly different shade of gold for the shoulder pauldron to make it stand out a bit more from the rest. A standard rank and file Nova Trooper looks just like this guy but without the shoulder pauldron. 




The Nova Trooper Sentinel is the silver striped version, and the rarest type to see in game. These guys were originally called "Stormcommandos" but after a few years they were removed from the game. Later on they returned as the Nova Trooper Sentinel.




The Nova Trooper Medic is a red striped version and was commonly seen accompanying squads of Nova Troopers. The red was intended to be a more pinkish color but the clear coat darkened it more than I would have preferred.




Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Stormtrooper Specialists

These are some simple customs of the various types of Stormtrooper seen in the game. The figures are made from a batch of cheap bootleg Sandtroopers with most of the dirt cleaned off. Most of them are simply a matter of changing the shoulder pauldron color and giving them a different weapon. For the medic I had to create a custom Stimpack injector from a leftover pistol.



Star Wars Galaxies Online Video Game

6" Black Series Assault Stormtrooper

Here we have another type of Stormtrooper from Galaxies that specialised in hand to hand combat. Rathen than having a colored shoulder pauldron like the other variants, this one had dull yellow stripes on his armor in the same pattern as a Nova Trooper. This trooper was also made from a cleaned up bootleg Sandtrooper, and the stun baton was built from a modified projectile for a spring loaded G.I.Joe missile launcher.



Star Wars Fantasy Figure

6" Black Series Imperial Style Boba Fett

This is a custom I made from a bootleg white Boba from the Srar Wals line. The idea started 20+ years ago when I became bothered with how the Snowtrooper looked out of place next to the Stormtrooper and Biker Scout since his cloth undersuit was white instead of black. I saw no reason for this aside from camo properties, and we all know the Empire has no use for camo, so why isn't his cloth undersuit black? I had to paint one of my old 3.75" Snowtroopers with black undersuit just to see how it looked, and I really liked the result. He really matched up with the other troopers so much better, especially the Biker Scout.

I have been wanting to do the same treatment with a white Boba but was not about to deface an exclusive figure, so when the bootlegs came out it was game on. At first I just planned to make his bodysuit black, but the belt and armor had something of a yellowish tint so I ended up repainting nearly the whole figure. The belt has four different distinct parts, the upper belt, upper belt pouches, the large pouches, and the braided sash. I did each of these parts in a different shade of light gray so they would appear as separate parts and not all blend together, leaving only the small upper belt pouches in their original white. I used yet another shade of light gray for the rope braided around his shoulder. In total, six different shades of gray are used on the figure. The boots I left unchanged, but his gaiters I painted a light gray color matching his large belt pouches. The helmet was going to stay solid white, but it looked so plain with the rest of his body all detailed, so I decided to enhance it with some gray details. The faceplate was painted in the same color layout as Jango and Boba, but all in monochrome. The front trim of his visor was painted light gray, with the bottom edge of the visor trim and the lower back panels on his helmet a darker gray. In order to tie it in with the Stormtroopers, I painted the ear plates and the vent on back in a dark gray with black details. His jetpack also had some light gray panels added to give some detail. The little status lights on his forehead and chest plate are done in red and blue like the original white Boba costume, and the final touch was a black Empire logo on each shoulder and one on his forehead.


Star Wars Fantasy Figure

6" Black Series Revised Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper Style Darth Vader

Since the 6" Snowtrooper has arrived, I was able to catch one on sale and give it the black bodysuit treatment like I did on some of my old Snowtrooper figures. I always felt like this made them fit in better with the Stormtroopers and Biker Scouts. Just a simple matter of repainting his cloth body suit black, and giving the cape and boots a coat of white to remove that yellowish tint they came with.


Once the new Darth Vader came out, he started appearing in large numbers and I decided I might as well do a black and white version of him too just to see how it would look. I repainted all of his armored areas white, along with the padding on his gloves. The teeth in his face vent are painted grey like the teeth in a Stormtrooper helmet. In order to better expose his white shoulder plate, I tucked his black inner robe underneath it like he wears it in Empire Strikes Back. The final touch was making a white cape for him.




6" Black Series Rogue One Custom Troopers

First  we have a rather simple custom of the Imperial Hovertank Commander from Rogue One. The basic Hovertank Driver figure was released as a Toy's R Us Exclusive and I wanted to make a Commander for them. The driver and Commander have the same body armor, but the driver has solid white armor. The Commander has the added gray marking on his upper torso and shoulder, a black and white stripe on his left shoulder, and a red insignia on his torso. I also added some extra dirt and grime to his helmet and breastplate to make the details pop out more.


Next in line is the Imperial AT-ACT Driver. The Officer version with gray markings was later released as a Target Exclusive but at the time no driver of this type existed so I made my own. The AT-ACT Driver was not a unique design like other Imperial vehicle drivers, and instead was a combination of a Hovertank Driver body with a white Scarif Trooper helmet. This guy was made by repainting a basic Scarif Trooper and redesigning his belt into the Hovertank Driver style. A red Imperial logo was added to the helmet in place of the Scarif logo.


The third figure is the Captain variant of the Rogue one Scarif Shoretrooper. This trooper has three variants in the form of a basic trooper, a Squad Leader, and a Captain. Only the Trooper and the Squad Leader have been made as action figures so for the Captain I had to customize a figure. The Trooper and the Captain have the same body, so all I had to do is some upper body paintwork to create the Captain. All that was required was the addition of some blue marking to his breastplate, left shoulder, and left forearm. An additional yellow band was painted around his left forearm below the blue and the Captain was complete.




6" Black Series Rogue One Imperial Stormtrooper Mini-doll

Ever since seeing the screen shots of the Imperial Deathtrooper holding the small Stormtrooper mini-doll, I had to have one for my display. Of course the Deathtrooper action figure did not come with this doll so I had to make my own from scratch. I sculpted the body and head from white Sculpey clay, and made the arms and legs from sections of white 12 volt electrical wire insulation tubing. I drilled a hole through the upper torso and the hip area, then attached the arms and legs by running some thick black sewing thread through the body and the sections of insulation tubing. The thread was then knotted off on the ends and tiny hands and feet were sculpted on with Kneadatite and painted black. The doll ended up being larger than I intended, but oh well, he still fits the bill. I may make a smaller one sometime in the future.



Heir to the Empire Novel Trilogy

6" Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

I have aways wanted to add a Grand Admiral Thrawn figure to my collection and when Hasbro released the Director Krennic figure, it was the perfect platform to start from. A few modifications had to be made to the basic figure to get it ready; The pistol holster and ammo on the belt had to be removed, and the head had to be remodelled with some new hair. I decided that modifying the face itself would not be needed since the difference in skin color should be enough to remove any resemblance to Krennic. For his new haircut, I just shaved off his existing hair with an xacto knife and sculpted on the new slicked back hair in it's place.


The shoulder epaulettes had to be custom made using various materials I had on hand. I started by cutting out two strips of plastic card and rounding them on one end. After this I sculpted a couple of strips of fringe from some putty and glued it to the edges of the plastic card. The final touch was the little strand of cord around the top of each epaulette that I made with some small braided wire from a picture frame hanging kit. Once complete I painted them with dark gold and then added a thinned layer of bright gold over the top to give them a good depth and luster.


Krennic has a slight off-white color to his tunic, so I felt it best to just repaint the entire body since I wanted him to have a stark white appearance that would really stand out. At this point I also repainted his rank badge to the proper colors for a Grand Admiral. Afterwards it was just a matter of attaching the epaulettes to his shoulders. I did this by drilling small holes through the end of the epaulettes and down into his shoulders. Some glue was applied to each shoulder and a shortened straight pin was then pushed through the hole in each epaulette to pin them in place. The pin heads then served as the buttons for his epaulettes while helping reinforce the attachement.




Heir to the Empire Novel Trilogy

6" Black Series Mara Jade

Here is another character from the Heir to the Empire novel trilogy. Mara Jade was a former Imperial Agent that was working for a smuggling group and much later went on to become the wife of Luke Skywalker. Her clothing changes quite often thoughout the various stories she is involved in, so I decided on using the most commonly seem image of her with the black bodysuit and tan cape.


This one is made primarily from Marvel Legends comic book figure parts with a lot of modification. I used the body of Mockingbird with the head and arms from Black Widow. In order to remove the lanky comic book body proportions, I had to shorten both the torso and the legs. I did this by cutting a section out of the abdomen and reattaching the parts back together, then sculpting over the gap. The legs are shortened the same way by removing a section just above the ankles and at the thigh joint. The feet on this figure were huge so they also had to be ground down to a less manly proportion. I filled in the exposed cleavage area on her upper torso and sculpted it into part of her shirt, and also removed the shirt buttons. The belt was remodeled by adding a lower strap, a couple of pockets and a new belt buckle. The legs were bulked up slightly and had the ribbed area sculpted onto the inner thighs. The only modification to the arms was the addition of some cuffs around the wrists for the gloves. The goggles were leftover from a custom I made out of a Hera Syndulla figure a while back, with a new strap added. The cape is a square cut out from a piece of tan cloth and stitched at the neck for the proper fit. The saber is made from a leftover Rey handle with the blade from Jaina Solo.




Interlude to Darkknell Short Story

6" Black Series Imperial Intelligence Director Armand Isard

I made this guy since I always like the image of a red Imperial Officer uniform, and he is one of only two characters I am aware of that wear this color. The other character to wear red is his daughter and successor; Isanne Isard. I would have liked to make her since she is a much more prominent character, but with no female Officer figures to work with this was out of the question.


The figure is a relatively simple conversion only requiring the removal of the gear from his belt and a rearranging of his rank cylinders. I replaced his head with a figure from the Marvel Legends action figure line and then repainted the whole figure to the appropriate colors.



Star Wars Fantasy Figure

6" Black Series Mando Calrissian

This character started out as a spelling auto-correct error on a forum post in the RebelScum.com message boards and resulted in the custom parody figure you see below.


He is a simple parts swap of Lando legs and cape on a Boba Fett body. I turned his belt around backwards to hide those bulky pouches and added a beer can holster made from pinstripe tape. I added a few "Easter Eggs" to his costume from a couple of Billy Dee William's other appearances as the front man for Colt 45 beer, and his "General's Fried Chicken" commercial from Undercover Brother. The final touch was the tiny Colt 45 beers cans holstered on his belt that started out as doll house accessories.

A bit of backstory:

Lando was disgruntled after his time in the rebellion when he realized that being a rebel just didn't pay, AT ALL. The guy was instrumental in blowing up the second Death Star and saving the rebellion from total defeat, and all he got was a big gaudy medal that totally didn't go with his wardrobe. Not even so much as a kiss on the cheek from Leia. That Sucked! To make matters worse, the rebellion was a huge sausage party. The only girl he was interested in had just fallen in love with his best friend. That also Sucked! Added to that, the rebellion had a strict rule about not drinking on the job, forcing him to give up his beloved Colt 45. That really Sucked!

After thinking back to his travels, he recalled the massive pay check Boba Fett got for bringing in Han. He also remembered all those exotic alien females flirting it up with Boba at Jabba's Palace, and how everyone was totally wasted all the time and the boss was fine with it. That settled the issue, it was the life of the Bounty Hunter for Lando. To hell with this saving the galaxy business, that was no honest living for a scoundrel of his caliber. From now on it was Beer, Booty, and Bounty Hunting!





Star Wars Fantasy Figure

6" Black Series BB-66 First Order Utility Droid

Since I had replaced my Hasbro BB-8 with the Bandai model kit, I decided to give this one a new life as an First Order version. I wanted him to match up with my other Imperial droids so I painted him gloss black with some brown details. It was a simple repaint with not much shading required except on the brown and silver areas.



Star Wars Fantasy Figure

6" Black Series WD-4P0 Imperial Interface Droid

When the Hasbro 3p0 came out, it made a great base for some custom protocol droids. I knew immediately that I wanted one painted in the same black and brown color scheme as the Imperial astromechs that I had painted. Since all the other black and brown droids are used in a repair and maintenance capacity for servicing Imperial starships, the human technicians and pilots would need a droid that could translate the astromech's droid language into something they could understand.