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By: Net-Viper X



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This section contains custom figures of characters found in Episode 1 - 3 of the Star Wars saga.




Clone Commander Stone



Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

6" Black Series Clone Commander Stone

With the release of the Clone Trooper Order 66 four pack from Entertainment Earth, I decided to make the Commanders to go with these troopers. Since Commander Cody was already released by Hasbro, that left me with three Commanders to create myself. I was able to acquire a set of solid white Clones from an online dealer and these made a great base for the creation of the custom Commanders.


First of the three custom clones is Commander for the 442 Siege Battalion. This unit of clones was only seen in pre-production photos and was not present in the movies and as such no commander for them was ever shown or named. I designed the color pattern for this clone myself and named him Commander Stone, his equipment is based on some of the other Clone Commanders seen in the movie.


The binocular visor on his helmet is taken from a Bandai Clone Trooper model kit, which I installed with a pivoting joint on either side so it can be raised and lowered. The shoulder harness is custom built from some soft plastic straps and metal buckles attached to the belt so it will accommodate movement of his torso and shoulder. The shoulder plates are made of pieces cut from a dvd case that I heated and shaped as needed.



Some various shots of Commander Stone.


Commander Stone with his 442nd Battalion Troopers.