1:12 scale Custom Action Figure Gallery

By: Net-Viper X



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This section contains custom figures of characters found in Episode 4 - 6 of the Star Wars saga. Many of these figures are simple enhancements to existing figures by applying additional paint work, while others are total conversions into entirely different characters.




Rey & BB-8

Resistance Troopers



Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

6" Black Series Rey (Jakku) & BB-8

When this figure was first released, the paintwork on the face and head was hideous and very sloppy. The rest of the figure didn't look bad, but was awfully clean for a dirt poor scavenger living on a desert world. I started out by tidying up the hairline and repainting her hair in a more accurate color. The eyes and lips also needed to be repainted to correct the terribly applied eye paint and bright red geisha lipstick.


For her outfit I added a dirty wash to the entire thing, and added some shading to the brown leather parts. I painted in the missing white collar from her undershirt and also repainted her pants in a slightly darker shade to better resemble the movie costume.


BB-8 was a mess so I totally cleaned off his original paint wash and re-shaded him with a combination of dark gray and black. I also touched up a number of paint flaws on the yellow and silver parts, as well as giving him a gloss coating for his eye lense.


Update: I decided to do some more upgrades to Rey's accessories. The first was to make an X-wing helmet for her and paint it like the one she had in the movie. This one was cast from the Luke X-wing helmet in a smoked transparent resin, then the chinstrap was removed before painting. The other upgrade was to her staff; I replaced the plastic strap with a cloth strap, and added functional metal buckles for adjustment. The staff itself was also given some additional paint details and weathered.



Some various shots of Rey and BB-8.


Updated Rey pics with new helmet and the upgraded staff.


And Rey wearing the helmet.



Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

6" Black Series Resistance Troopers

I made these customs to add some variety to my squad of Resistance Troopers. This figure comes in two variants; one has a green helmet with only a small amount of brown smeared around to simulate dirt, the other has his green helmet entirely covered in brown paint to the point the helmet appears solid brown. I had a squad of four troopers with one green helmet and three brown, so I decided to keep one each of the brown and green helmet and repaint the other two so each figure would have a somewhat unique look. For one of them I painted the helmet in a tan color similar to his jacket, this one was based on the color scheme of the Lego version of this character. The other was given a gray/green color based on the 3 inch figure of this character, which is the most screen accurate version.


I removed the moustache from one of the figures, and for two of the others I altered the skin color as well. One figure was repainted as a white guy with brown hair, and for the other I wanted an alien of some type. I didn't want to re-sculpt the guys face or modify the helmet, so I needed something that had human facial features but a skin color that would be distinctly alien. The race I ended up using was the Chiss, the race of Grand Admiral Thrawn. This type of alien has blue skin with black hair and bright red eyes, which made a striking contrast to his earth tone uniform.



Here is the group of four figures, and a shot of the two skin color repaints with open face mask.