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Modern Python Patrol Gallery (TRU Style)

B.A.T. v.2

Cobra Commander (Battle Armor)











Toxo-Viper v.1

Viper v.1



Classic Python Patrol Gallery (Original 1989 Style)


H.I.S.S. Driver


Rip It



Python Patrol Vehicle Gallery


Water Moccasin





Other Projects:

:The Card Art Conformity Project:

:The Cobra Re-color Project:




This project started many years ago and began mainly to provide drivers for the original Python Patrol vehicles. Once those drivers were complete the project was finished for the time being. When the Python Patrol 6-pack from Toys R Us came out years later I was presented with a reason to re-open the project since now I had a Lamprey with no Moray to drive, so I had to pull out an old battered Moray and restore it. Once this was finished and I learned how to apply a decent Python vehicle paint job, I made a Python H.I.S.S. and then a Python Water Moccasin for Copperhead. All along I still had a strong urge to try the new TRU Python Patrol colors on some of the other figures to expand the ranks a bit, so I picked out some figures I had in terrible condition and set to it. I managed to finish quite a few figures and have a few more that I'm working on from time to time.


This project is pretty straight forward and I followed a simple guideline to determine which paint style each figure got. All figures from 82-84 got the olive green and yellow color scheme like Python Copperhead, all figures from 85-86 get the gray and yellow colors like Python Viper, and all figures from 87+ got the Toys R Us 6-pack colors. The one liberty I took with this was to make a Viper in TRU colors just for the fun of it.


This portion of the site is currently a work in progress and new pictures will be added as I get time to sort and post them.